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Aperitivo AntiPasti


Olives in virgin olive oil with ciabatta v 3.50

Garlic bread v 3.95

Música da carta with olive oil, balsamic,
tomato & basil hummus v 4.95

Garlic bread with mozzarella v 4.95

Crostini with anchovies,
chickpeas & fresh mint 4.95

Bruschetta with tomato, onion & basil v 4.95


Fresh olives


Garlic mushrooms with ciabatta v 4.95

Caprese - Tomato, Buffalo mozzarella
and basil oil v 4.95

Insalata primavera - Courgette ribbons with roasted fennel & walnuts v 4.95

Amalfi seafood soup with ciabatta 6.95

Cannelloni with prosciutto,
mushrooms & cheese sauce 5.95

v Suitable for vegetarians
n Contains nuts or nut oils. Although dishes without this symbol are made without nuts, there is a possibility that traces of nuts may still be found in them.

Pizza, Pasta, Calzone



Penne Sorrento v
Tomato, mozzarella & fresh basil 9.95

Penne Arriabiata v
Spicy tomato, garlic & chilli sauce 9.95

Linguini puttanesca v
Spicy tomato sauce with anchovies, olives and roast Mediterranean vegetables 9.95

Linguine with pesto v
Basil pesto, parmesan & pine nuts 9.95

Stuffed with goats’ cheese, spinach & mushrooms in a rich tomato sauce 9.95

Lasagne al forno
Pasta layered with Bolognese, white sauce & tomato sauce 11.95

Linguini Carbonara
creamy white mushroom sauce with pancetta and lots of black pepper 11.95

Penne Bolognese
A traditional beef Bolognese sauce 11.95

Penne Fiorentina
Chicken spinach & mushrooms in a rich creamy sauce 11.95

Spaghetti Polpette
Meatballs in a rich Tomato sauce 11.95

Spaghetti marinara
A rich tomato sauce with mussels, prawns, calamari & anchovies 12.95



Risotto v gf
With squash, roast vegetables & goats’ cheese
drizzled with basil pesto 10.95
With chicken breast 12.95
With seafood 12.95

Mellanzani alla parmigiana v
Aubergine layered with roast tomato and cheese sauce 10.95

Warm winter salad v gf
Crown prince squash, roast Mediterranean vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, toasted chickpeas & pine nuts tossed in a light walnut dressing 10.95

Pollo saltimbocca gf
Chicken Breast stuffed with chicken & sage mousse wrapped in pancetta on a bed of risotto

Polpette gf
Pork & fennel meatballs on a bed of roast vegetables covered with a spicy tomato sauce 11.95

Pollo Valdostana gf
Tender chicken breast braised in a rich tomato sauce, topped with mozzarellaon a bed of roast winter vegetables 12.95

v Suitable for vegetarians
gf Gluten free
n Contains nuts or nut oils. Although dishes without this symbol are made without nuts, there is a possibility that traces of nuts may still be found in them.

Stonebaked Pizza
Spaghetti Bolognese


Margherita v
Tomato & mozzarella 9.95

Pollo grigliata
Roast tomato base, smoked chicken, sweet red peppers, roast red onion, mozzarella cheese 11.95

Prosciutto e fungi
Mozzarella & tomato base, prosciutto ham, mushrooms & olives 11.95

Prosciutto Ananas
Mozzarella & tomato base, prosciutto ham & roast pineapple 11.95

Ortalano arrosto v
Roast Mediterranean vegetables, spinach, goats’ cheese & buffalo mozzarella on a tomato and basil base 11.95

Carne Mista
Pepperoni, pancetta, prosciutto, sliced meatballs, sliced chicken on a tomato & mozzarella base 13.50

Anchovies, muscles, calamari, prawns, olives and capers on a tomato & mozzarella base 11.95

Calzone di carni
Folded pizza stuffed with Bolognese, chicken breast, meatballs, mushrooms and fresh chilli (hot). Served with salad 13.50 hot

Calzone Primavera v
Folded pizza stuffed with baby spinach, mushrooms, sweet red peppers, goats’ cheese, buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto. Served with salad 11.50

Additional Toppings
Chicken, Parma ham, pepperoni, parmesan shavings, ham, Italian spicy sausage, goat’s cheese, tuna, anchovies, mushrooms, peppers, olives, onions, garlic, chillies, extra cheese, pineapple, rocket.
Add any of the above toppings for 1.00 each

Young Diner’s Margherita
The classic pizza for smaller appetites 5.95

Pizza, Pasta, Calzone

Purbeck vanilla pod ice cream covered with brandy and a shot of espresso served with amaretti biscotti 6.50

Chocolate & hazelnut torte gf
A very rich dark chocolate & roast hazelnut torte
served with chocolate sauce and Purbeck ice cream 6.50

Orange and Almond sponge gf
Moist and chewy flour less sponge cake, infused with orange and mint. Served with Purbeck ice cream 6.50

Tiramisu Cheesecake
Rich coffee and brandy infused mascarpone cream topped with coco & white chocolate
on a coffee soaked crunchy biscuit base 6.50

Purbeck ice cream
1 scoop
2 scoops
3 scoops

bevande calde

Espresso Single shot of coffee 1.75

Dopio Espresso Double shot of coffee 2.95

Americano 2.50
Expresso with hot water. Ask for it with or without milk

Latte 2.95
Expresso with steamed milk & minimal froth

Cappuccino 2.95
Expresso with foamy milk & chocolate sprinkles

Caffe Macchiato 2.95
Double expresso with a dash of frothy milk

Baileys Latte 4.75
Double expresso & steamed milk with a generous splash of Baileys

Liqueur Coffee 4.75
A long black coffee served with your choice of liqueur & whipped cream

Pot of Tea 2.45
A range of teas available ~ please ask your server for our selection

Wine, Beer, Spirits
white wine glass bottle
Montemarino Chardonnay
Light and fresh with a hint of lemon a very approachable wine.
£3.95 £14.95
Corte Vigna Sauvignon
Easy to drink white with crisp
gooseberry flavours.
£3.95 £14.95
Pinot Grigio Corte Vigna
Refreshingly dry with an apple and pear twist
£3.95 £14.95
Orvietto Classico Amabile
Fresh with subtle peach notes and great length.
Frascati Superiore
Classic with fresh almonds and zingy apples.
red wine glass bottle
Montemarino Barbera
Light and approachable with a hint of spice.
£3.95 £14.95
Soft and rounded with cherries and spice.
£3.95 £14.95
Kleine Zalze Pinotage
Deep fruit nose with rich berry flavours.
£3.95 £14.95
Chianti Ruffino
Soft ripe fruit with smooth finish.
Valpolicella Classico
Full of ripe berries and a dash of liquorice
rosé wine glass bottle
Pinot Grigio Rose Corte
Delicate palette, with summer fruit flavours
£3.95 £14.95


Peroni Nastro Azzuro 330ml £3.60
Ringwood Best Pint
Carling Pint
Stowford Cider Pint
Becks 330ml £2.45
Whisky 25ml £3.00
Jack Daniels Bourbon 25ml £3.35
Gordon’s Gin 25ml £3.00
Smirnoff Vodka 25ml £3.00
Campari £3.35
Splash £0.60
Limoncello 25ml £3.35
Barcardi 25ml £3.25
Martell Cognac
25ml £3.25
Captain Morgan’s
Dark Rum
25ml £3.35
Sambucca 25ml £2.80
Grappa 25ml £2.80
Martini Extra Dry 50ml £3.65
Baileys 50ml £3.25
Ammaretto 25ml £3.35
Tia Maria 25ml £3.35
Bottled Mixers £0.75
soft drinks
Sprite £1.80
J2O £2.45
Fanta £1.80
Appletiser £2.25
Coca-cola £1.80
Cranberry juice £2.25
Diet coke £1.80
Water: Still/Sparkling £2.65
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